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Heart rate enabled successor to Withings Go drops by the FCC

A new version of the Withings Go fitness tracker is in the works. Its FCC listing reveals the budget wearable is in for a significant revamp.

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For those not in the know, the water-resistant Withings (formerly Nokia) Go is designed to assist just about everyone in embracing activity tracking. It features an e-Ink screen that shows activity and functions as a watch on demand.

There is automatic 24/7 activity tracking for walking, running and swimming, as well as recognition of a variety of daily activities. At night, Go can distinguish between light and deep sleep cycles to give you a better understanding of your sleep patterns.

A user’s progress is displayed via 88 segments with the middle icon switching from a stick person to a star when your daily goal is achieved. When you press on the centre of the display the tracker switches to a standard watch display.

If the FCC filing is anything to go by, the little tracker is in for a significant revamp. First off the documentation refers to it as Pulse HR. That’s a pretty clear indicator we can expect heart rate tracking to be part of the package. We know its an updated version of Withings Go by its FCC label. It goes by model number WAM03 whereas the previous version went by model number WAM02.

New Withings Go fitness tracker drops by the FCC
Image source: FCC

In addition to the new sensor, the wearable will see a significant re-design. As can be seen in the picture above, the new Go will probably feature a rectangular look in contrast to the circular face of its predecessor. The revamp in design may have been necessary in order to accommodate the heart rate sensor. The wearable will, of course, need to be in close contact with the skin to obtain measurements.

Another change is the battery. Pulse HR comes with a 110mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The predecessor came with a coin cell battery which could keep the little gizmo going for 8 months.

It seems fans of the budget fitness tracker category can look forward to a worthy successor to the Withings Go. We will certainly keep an eye out for any further news and leaks.

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