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Mobvoi prepares to reveal new WearOS smartwatch

[Update 23.10.2018: as you’ve probably noticed, the 22nd has come and gone. Mobvoi has been responding to user inquiries with the following message:”Thanks for reaching out! Please stay tuned to our social media, official website, and subscribe to our newsletter.” Let’s hope the real announcement trickles across soon! We’ll update this story as we hear more.]

Mobvoi has hinted via social media it will be launching a new smartwatch on October 22nd but did not provide any further details.

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The company’s latest effort on this front is the TicWatch Pro. Its main party trick is that it has a transparent screen that sits on top of the smartwatch’s main display. This combination offers unique power-saving functionality.

Last month, the company revealed the TicWatch E2. It did not provide a release timeline or much in terms of details. The teaser line “Water is now a friend of your watch” and image of a submerged device makes it pretty clear what we can expect. But that’s where the info ends. In addition to good water-resistance, we’re guessing the watch will sport NFC for Google Pay and perhaps the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 processor.

To make things even more interesting, Mobvoi has now posted a tweet on yet another smartwatch. This one is to be revealed on Monday, October 22nd.

Right off the bat we thought this was the TicWatch E2. But hold on. Look closely and you’ll notice the pic is showing two physical buttons on the right. The teaser for TicWatch E2 shows only one.

Mobvoi sells a number of smartwatches including the TicWatch Pro, TicWatch Classic and TicWatch S&E. Its likely this will be yet another WearOS timepiece in the series. Not too long before we find out. We’ll be watching (see what we did there) with interest!

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4 thoughts on “Mobvoi prepares to reveal new WearOS smartwatch

  • So what is it. There’s nothing on their page.

    • Should know soon enough.

  • Any info on this? day is almost over

    • It looks like Mobvoi’s marketing department may have got their dates mixed up. A couple of users have reported they’ve been told by Mobvoi the announcement date will be October 24th. We’ll update the story as we hear more.


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