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Google Fit update brings home screen widgets and breathing exercises

As we approach New Year resolution time, Google is looking to make your fitness aspirations a bit easier with an update to its smartphone app. Google Fit is getting home screen widgets, improved activity tracking and breathing exercises to keep you chilled.

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The latest changes come after a major overhaul in August which saw the tech giant ditch step count in favor of new healthier metrics. These came in the form of Move Minutes and Heart Points. The first counts the amount of time you spend doing a physical activity. The second dishes out rewards for making your heart pump harder. This includes anything from earning points for picking up pace when walking your dog, to double-the points if you opt for more intense activities such a going for a run.

The latest Google Fit update makes it even easier to use these new features. The software now allows users to add two new widgets to the home screen. One of these displays Move Minutes and Heart Points in a neat little octagon, the other shows info on steps taken, calories burned and miles traveled. Your most recent workout will also be displayed on the first screen.

Google Fit update brings home screen widgets and breathing exercises

More detailed workout reports including a GPS map, and the option to edit the intensity of an activity manually in the Journal tab are also part of the update. Google says it wants to make sure you’re getting awarded the right amount of points for your efforts.

Finally, those looking for ways to de-stress will be happy to know Google has added functionality to keep you calm. A new Wear OS feature will guide you through breathing exercises, similar to functionality you can find on Fitbit, Garmin and Apple wearables.

The new update is expected make its rounds to smartphones and Wear OS devices this week.

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