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Fitbit Charge 3 gets automatic run tracking and more

Firmware version 1.49.45 brings a number of software updates to Fitbit Charge 3, including automatic GPS run tracking, Windows 10 notifications and more.

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Automatic run tracking is a feature that owners of Ionic and Versa have been using for a while now. The new firmware version will allow you to do the same with Charge 3.

After updating, will need to tweak the settings by opening the exercise app on your device and tapping on “Run”. Then tap the gear icon and find “Run Detect”. Change the setting to “On”. Then find “GPS” and do the same. More detailed instructions can be found on this link.

Now if you forget to start your run manually, it will start itself. You will, of course, need to have your phone nearby to use connected GPS.

This feature also brings auto-pause and auto-stop support. For example if you need to wait for a traffic light during your run, the device will vibrate indicating that activity tracking has paused. Start running again and you’ll feel it vibrate indicating that activity tracking has continued. If your watch doesn’t detect a run for 10 consecutive minutes, you’ll get a message asking if you want to end the exercise.

The software update also adds a new celebration that pops up when you meet your daily goal. Look for a bird flying across the screen. Other updates include notifications for Windows 10 users and the usual improvements and squashing of bugs.

Firmware version 1.49.45 has started rolling out yesterday and Fitbit says it’s currently made its way to 10% of Charge 3 users. This is a progressive rollout so the company can monitor performance and make adjustments if needed. All Charge 3 owners can expect to have it in the next few days.

To check what version you are on tap on the device screen and scroll left to “Settings”. Tap on “Settings”and scroll down to “About”. The info can also be found in the smartphone app.

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4 thoughts on “Fitbit Charge 3 gets automatic run tracking and more

  • I bought this for the apnea detection app and there is no information as to when this is to be released. Any projected timeframe?

    • Nothing that’s been made public yet. My guess is it will take a few more months – but that’s just a guess.

  • I use a biostrap for sleep tracking. No screen, but it has a sleep lab. I am waiting for Charge 3 to get the feature.

  • I paid extra to get the special edition for my wife’s birthday. It took several hours to connect because of an intermittent connection. After just two days it packed up completely and wouldn’t sync at all.
    I jumped through hoops trying to sort it out with their polite, but ineffective, customer service so I’m now looking for a similar but RELIABLE alternative product. Can anyone recommend one?


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