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CES 2019: Sleepace launches its first smart sleep sensor for babies

Sleepace is expanding its range of smart sleep solutions at this year’s CES, with the launch of a Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies. Suitable for young ones up to 6 months old, the gizmo provides much-needed peace of mind specifically to new parents.

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The sensor sits quietly below the mattress, from where it monitors your baby’s heart rate, respiratory rate and body movement during naps. If it can’t detect breathing for more than 20 seconds or your kid goes on a mountaineering trip and tries to climb out of the crib, then an alarm will sound hopefully prompting you into action.

CES 2019: Sleepace launches a smart sleep sensor for babies
Image source: Sleepace

Sleepace says the mattress is waterproof and has an algorithm specifically tailored to measure “baby-specific” sleep. The company offers similar technology for use in the elderly care industry, providing an alert if the user is not breathing normally or has issues getting out of bed.

Outside of these more specific solutions, Sleepace has a number of standalone products along with sleep modules which can be integrated into mattresses and pillows. These are meant for the general population.

Last year we tested the Sleepace RestOn and found it to be pretty good at sleep tracking. Totally wireless with a long lasting rechargeable battery, the device is almost imperceptible underneath the sheet or mattress pad.

There’s no word yet on price or a release date for the new Smart Sleep Sensor for Babies, but a spring launch seems to be on the cards.

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