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CES 2019: Welt is a smart belt that monitors your health

Manufacturers are increasingly looking at locations other than your wrist to monitor health. At CES 2019, a Korean-based startup called Welt unveiled its smart belt.

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A few years in the making, Welt looks like a normal belt but can keep tabs on a wide range of health data. The device tracks waist size, activity, and overeating to provide comprehensive health analysis while also providing health guidance via the smartphone app. Similar to the latest Apple Watch, it even has fall detection.

For fitness, Welt’s pedometer tracks steps and calorie burn while the belt also monitors sitting time and will nudge you occasionally to get up. Abdominal fat is a product of excess calorie intake. Based on calorie intake, your waist can expand and contract over a duration as short as half an hour. Welt keeps track of these rapid variations in waist size chart patterns of overeating.

WELT: smart belt which keeps tabs on your health
Image source: Welt

As for charging, the battery is rechargeable through a micro USB cable and can last an impressive 20 days.

“Welt takes the health tech industry to an entirely new level with its customized plans for fitness goals,” said Welt CEO and co-founder, Sean Kang, in a statement at CES.

“We will demonstrate many of our new software updates, including the fall-risk assessment that can help the elderly or consumers who are at risk of falls.”

Welt has certainly come up with an original concept. The company raised over $70,000 on Indiegogo back in 2016 to make the smart belt a reality. A couple of years (and a few delays) later, the belt is ready for sale in the US.

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