Image source: Sonda Sports

Sol Campbell’s Macclesfield Town embraces GPS data-tracking technology

Sol Campbell’s Macclesfield Town embraces data-tracking technology
Image source: Sonda Sports

Sonda Sports has announced a technological partnership with Macclesfield Town FC which is being coached by former England defender Sol Campbell himself.

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The GPS sports tracking systems company is providing the League Two side with the ability to monitor players during training sessions. Coaching staff will gain insight into detailed biometric data and performance. The results are displayed in the form of 26 statistics – on the website or inside a smartphone app.

Sol Campbell’s Macclesfield Town embraces player monitoring technology
Image source: Sonda Sports

“Sonda Sports responded quickly to the needs of the team when we started searching for a GPS system that would meet our expectations,” Daniel Douglas-Pringle, the physical preparation coach for Macclesfield Town team, points out that.

“Sol Campbell wanted to get broad access to data that could be collected on a daily basis with the greatest accuracy, which has a key impact on monitoring fitness preparation in the best possible way”.

Professional soccer teams around the world are increasingly using data-tracking technologies for training purposes. FIFA is, to this end, looking to establish a global wearables standard. Sonda Sports says their goal is to provide teams from the lower leagues with a professional and affordable GPS tracking system.

“The statistics obtained through the use of the player monitoring system will allow the coaching staff to access data that will not only determine the performance of each athlete, but will also reduce the risk of injury,” says Karol Kłosiewicz, PR & Marketing Manager at Sonda Sports.

“Our collaboration with Macclesfield Town is an exciting step for us and we are pleased that we can help the club in their struggle to achieve a good position in the English Football League.”

Premier league teams have already embraced wearable tech. In fact, Manchester United was the only team in the elite competition not to use GPS sensor technology while under the guidance of recently sacked Jose Mourinho.

The new caretaker manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer sees the clear benefit of wearable tech. He has six wins in his first six matches, overtaking Sir Matt Busby’s record of five which stood for 73 years.

“I think it is a great tool for physical coaches and for me as a manager to set parameters on the physical work we do during the week,” he said recently.

“Obviously we have physical measurements after the games and after that we plan next week’s training again. Getting all the little details you think you can see but don’t really know. All the facts we need, and all the data we get, is really useful in the planning of weekly and monthly training sessions.”

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