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Ralph Lauren’s new hi-tech jackets heat up to keep you warm

Ralph Lauren is launching a couple of hi-tech jackets. They come with a Bluetooth-controlled heating component sewn into the conductive lining.

The jackets are updated versions of the company’s Olympic athletic collection. Launched to coincide with last year’s South Korea games, the heated apparel was snapped up in minutes. The water resistant garment kept Team USA warm during the opening ceremony. At the time, Ralph Lauren said it would use the feedback from American athletes to decide how to integrate the technology into future products.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo 11 jacket heats up to keep you warm
Polo 11 heating jacket | Image source: Ralph Lauren

The company has made good on its promise and is now launching commercial versions of the product using largely the same tech. The garments come in two design stiles – the Polo 11 and Glacer Down. Both have a heating component that allows wearers to control the jacket’s temperature via the accompanying smartphone app using Bluetooth. All this is powered by a rechargeable battery within the jacket, which lasts around 3 hours at the highest heat setting.

Ralph Lauren’s Polo 11 jacket heats up to keep you warm
Glacer down heating jacket | Image source: Ralph Lauren

The Polo 11 snow-white jacket is set to drop on January 24th. It will be strictly limited edition, available through the Polo App in the US and the Ralph Lauren site in Europe and China. The follow-up Glacier Down jacket in silver and navy will be available at Ralph Lauren stores later this year.

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