Latest Samsung Galaxy Watch Active leak shows One UI interface upgrades

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active leaks continue to roll in ahead of the February 20th Unpacked event. The latest comes from the folks over at SamMobile and showcases the revamped software expected to run on the device.

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As reported earlier, the timepiece is getting a slight redesign. The biggest change is that it’s losing the rotating bezel. Upgrades under the hood include a better processor, microphone and some new sensors. You can check out the full hardware specs on this link.

As you’d expect, the software is getting a refresh, too. According to SamMobile, the interface will benefit from the One UI treatment although the changes won’t be as noticeable as they are on Samsung’s smartphones. All in all, the Galaxy Watch Active is still going to feel quite familiar.

A notable change is a new health tracking platform. Users will have three goals to focus on including calories burned, exercise minutes and moving regularly. Similar to the Apple Watch rings these will be tracked in their own colors, but along a heart rate shaped curve. It seems Samsung is another company that is moving away from using the step count as the primary indicator of activity.

New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active leak shows One UI interface updates

As this is a sports watch, you activity stats will always be only a swipe or two away. A centralized repository will give users quick access to steps taken, workouts, weekly summaries and more.

The latest images also show off several new watch faces. Each is very distinct and there’s one which heavily focuses on health data. Others have a sprinkling of health data, too.

New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active leak shows One UI interface updates

There will be a range of animations as rewards for completing your workout goals.

New Samsung Galaxy Watch Active leak shows One UI interface updates

Another thing that’s coming are high heart rate alerts. We’ve seen this on the Apple Watch and some Garmin devices. Not to be left behind, Samsung’s timepiece will monitor your ticker and notify you if your heart rate goes above a certain value while you are inactive. Presumably you’ll be able to define the threshold in the settings. Finally, auto-detection will reportedly work on more types of exercises.

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