Xiaomi to crowdfund a new GPS sports watch starting February 19th

Xiaomi announced, earlier today, that it will launch a crowdfunding campaign for a GPS watch on February 19th.

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This will be the first Xiaomi-branded watch ever, although the company has a range of low-cost products that are manufactured by its eco-chain outfit Huami Technology. This includes the Amazfit Pace, Stratos and the latest addition Verge. In our recent review, we found the last on this list to be a solid option for those looking for a GPS sports watch in an affordable package.

There is of course the Amazfit BIP, but this one is an all-rounder smartwatch. Its successor is rumored to land any day now.

Not much is known about Xiaomi’s mystery device apart from that it will be a sports watch that comes with built-in GPS. A tech giant’s official says that it will be “more than just a sports watch”. What exactly this means is anyone’s guess.

Xiaomi to crowdfund a new GPS watch starting February 19th

It will be interesting to see what Xiaomi can bring to the party. There are quite a few sports watches on the market today so its timepiece will need to have something special if it is to stand out from the crowd. The other option is that it will have the usual gamut of sensors but at a fraction of the cost of the Western counterparts.

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