Stemoscope: listen to the sounds of nature with this smart stethoscope

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A modern take on the age-old stethoscope has recently launched on Kickstarter. But this device is not limited to heart or lung examinations.

Stemoscope is a smart, connected, wireless stethoscope that is small, affordable and simple enough for anyone to use. The gizmo has been created with STEM education and recreation in mind.

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Stemoscope works just like a traditional stethoscope. You can hear the sounds it picks up with a connected headset.

To use, turn the device and accompanying iOS or Android smartphone app on, tap listen, and position Stemoscope against your object of interest. The thing communicates via Bluetooth with the app allowing you to listen and record the sounds and visualize them as waveforms and spectrograms in the software.

This allows you to discover the rhythm of life and incredible sounds that exist all around you. You can listen to heart and lung sounds or the womb sounds of your baby. Or how about going further and listening to pets, plants and trees. It could also be a fun, informative and great educational tool for kids.

In terms of design, the compact, 1,5″ in diameter and 0.4″ thick device is slightly bigger than a dollar coin. It comes with a strap you can use to attach it to different objects.

The China-based outfit started on Kickstarter with a modest $3,000 goal. It has, however, smashed through this many times over managing to raise more than $100,000. If you want in, there’s only a few days to go before the campaign closes. Delivery to backers is expected in May.

Update 23/7/2019: Stemoscope has successfully launched. You can now buy it on Amazon.

Price: $29 and up

Funding open:

$117,453 raised out of $3,000 goal
3 days to go

Estimated delivery: May 2019

View on:

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  • Stemoscope is now available on Amazon

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