Watch GT Elegant | Image source: Huawei

Huawei makes Watch GT Active and Elegant official

Huawei has made the Active and Elegant variants of Watch GT official today. Both come with some design tweaks but the same tech as the regular version.

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The watches were widely expected to launch today at Huawei’s event in Paris. They were announced alongside the Huawei P30 series and the new FreeLace earbuds.

Huawei makes Watch GT Active and Elegant official
Image source: Huawei

Both watches run the company’s own Lite OS, a stripped back operating system which prolongs battery life. The watches are essentially the same as last year’s model but with a now look.

Watch GT Active comes with a different design around the bezel and new band colours such as orange and dark green. Other specs are the same so you still get the excellent 2-week battery life and the identical 1.39-inch screen as the regular Watch GT. The timepiece also comes with a new triathlon events mode out of the box.

Huawei makes Watch GT Active and Elegant official
Watch GT Active | Image source: Huawei

Watch GT Elegant comes with some bigger changes. For starters, it is meant for women so comes in a 42mm casing in a choice of black and white. The other variants are more chunkier measuring 46mm. But this means a smaller battery fits into the thing so you will only get about a weeks worth of battery life between charges. The other difference is that Elegant has a ceramic bezel rather than a metal one.

As for pricing, Huawei Watch GT Active will cost €249 when it hits the market later this year, while the Elegant model is €229. Both are slightly more pricier than the €199 regular edition. Check prices on Amazon.

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