Niraxx Smart Headband: find focus & energy without the use of pills

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An intelligent brain-boosting headband called Niraxx has just hit Indiegogo. It uses light therapy to improve mental health, sleep and more.

The technology behind the garment was developed and licensed to Niraxx by the Massachusetts General Hospital. It uses built-in near-infrared LED light modules that emit light into key areas of the brain. This increases mitochondrial activity and ATP levels. Moreover, Niraxx emits pulsing parameters of 10 Hz or 40 Hz that resonate with the brain’s alpha rhythms (to induce a calming effect), and gamma rhythms (for an energising effect).

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Uses are numerous. The biotech outfit says the headband can help people find focus, mood, memory and even improve the length and quality of sleep. Third-party studies have demonstrated increased brain oxygenation and blood flow.

You are meant to wear the thing for 20-40 minutes, 2 or more times per week. The LED light can be controlled via the accompanying smartphone app. This allows you to customise the session to achieve your desired effect.

“If brain cells are not working efficiently, there is an impact on vitality and our mental capacities can be compromised,” said Dr. Michael Hamblin Ph.D.

“Studies have shown that immediately after a treatment with near-infrared light, people had better attention and better focus. We believe that by boosting the frontal lobe we are more likely to plan efficiently for our life and perform better at home, work or in social situations.”

The Indiegogo campaign to make the headband a reality has achieved its goal. There are still a couple of weeks left if you want in. If all goes well on the manufacturing side, backers should expect to receive the brain stimulating garment in October.

Price: £128 and up

Funding open:

£32,634 raised out of £22,801 goal
15 days left

Estimated delivery: October 2019

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