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Apple Watch authentication to get more Mac functions

MacOS Sierra brought Apple Watch authentication to your computer. According to a new report, once macOS 10.15 is released, this functionality will expand beyond simply unlocking your Mac.

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No-one likes passwords but they are necessary. The average person is said to have 19 of them. Having a device on your wrist that automatically logs you in makes perfect sense.

Switch on the ”Allow your Apple Watch to unlock your Mac” option in Security & Privacy preferences, and your computer will automatically sense when you’re nearby and unlock. The Apple Watch does this by sending a security token to the Mac.

Mac users without Touch ID can also use the device to approve Apple Pay transactions. This allows you to start a purchase on your computer and approve the payment by double-clicking the side button on the watch. The functionality is enabled by default but you can switch it off.

Apple Watch authentication to get more Mac functions

According to 9to5Mac, sources familiar with macOS development have revealed that Apple Watch authentication is about to get new features. They did not go into specifics but it is likely these will mirror the functions where Touch ID is currently an acceptable form of authentication. This includes everything from autofilling usernames and passwords to approving payments. To increase security, it is likely there will be an added user interface on watchOS to authorise the process.

The sooner passwords are a relic of the past, the better! Hopefully the new OS update will allow the Apple Watch to bypass some of these. Apple is expected to reveal macOS 10.15 at its Worldwide Developers Conference, which runs between June 3rd and 7th.

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