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Four years after its Android launch, Google Fit finally makes its iPhone debut

The standalone Google Fit app has finally arrived to the iPhone. It comes with full Apple Health and Apple Watch integration.

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The app has benefitted from a number of significant updates last year. The tech giant ditched step count in favor of new healthier metrics. These came in the form of Move Minutes and Heart Points. The first counts the amount of time you spend doing a physical activity. The second dishes out rewards for making your heart pump harder. At the start of this year the company has also started offering monthly challenges.

Four years after its Android launch, Google Fit finally makes its iPhone debut
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Now some four years since its Android launch, Google Fit has finally arrived to iOS. As detailed in the Google blog post, regardless whether you have an Apple Watch or Wear OS device, the Google Fit iPhone app will sync your sessions. It will also upload the data to Apple Health, but only if you have an Apple Watch. Apps you connect with Apple Health (such as Sleep Cycle, Nike Run Club and Headspace), will also sync with Google’s software to provide a holistic overview of your activity.

Previously some Google Fit data was already available on iOS through the Wear OS app. But this only worked if you had a Wear OS smartwatch. Plus none of the data would sync with Apple Health. The standalone Google Fit app is a much better solution.

The Google Fit app can be downloaded from the App Store .

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