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Withings reveals it is yet to secure regulatory approval for Move ECG

Withings is yet to secure the necessary regulatory approval for its ECG enabled Move watch. The company says the launch of the device could be a few months away.

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“Move ECG is currently under review for CE and FDA clearance,” Withings said.

“While the timings of these approvals are out of the control of Withings and completely in the hands of regulators, we expect the process to be completed in the coming months, allowing us to get Move ECG onto the wrists of customers as soon as we can.”

Withings reveals it is yet to secure regulatory approval for Move ECG
Image source: Withings

Originally unveiled at CES 2019 in Los Vegas, Move ECG is the world’s first analog watch capable of recording an electrocardiogram. At the time Withings said the hybrid would be available in Q2. This is looking very unlikely now.

Move ECG comes with three electrodes to ensure accuracy. Two are hidden inside the main body and the third in the stainless steel bezel. To take a reading, users will need to touch and hold both sides of the bezel for around 30 seconds.

The info is then synced to the Health Mate app, where you’ll be able to view a detailed graph of heart rate trends and ECG readings. The watch also tracks steps, calories, pace, distance, workout routes, sleep and even steps climbed.

When it launches Move ECG will retail for $129.95. You’ll be able to pick in up in a black or white watch face, with a variety of wristband colors and materials.

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