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Polar issues new firmware and roadmap for the Vantage series

Polar has today bumped the software version of its Vantage V and M watches to 3.2.10 . The update brings a new activity tracking algorithm and various GPS enhancements.

Polar issues new firmware and roadmap for the Vantage series
Image source: Polar

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The wearables were announced in September last year. The duo features an improved heart rate monitor, advanced performance metrics and smart coaching. The more high-spec Vantage V is geared towards the serious fitness enthusiast, whereas the Vantage M is a slightly stripped back, budget friendly option.

Both of these are pretty good smartwatches but it seems some users were complaining that it is a bit too difficult to reach daily goals. Polar has responded by tweaking the activity tracking algorithm. The accumulated daily activity should now better reflect how much you’ve moved through the day and reaching your activity goal should be easier.

The other important improvements focus on GPS performance. Here’s a summary of the changes which should help with accuracy and allows faster fix times.

  • GNSS chip firmware updated – Improves Vantage M altitude data accuracy and reduces the probability of large altitude variations.
  • AGPS data is now downloaded once a day to your Vantage (previously once a week) via the Flow app.
  • SBAS (Egnos EU & WAAS US satellites) enabled by default – Provides ground station correction data to satellites (GPS, Glonass and SBAS) which improves overall GNSS data accuracy.

You can update the firmware with your mobile device or tablet if you’re using the Polar Flow mobile app. The other option is to connect to a computer and upgrade the software via FlowSync.

Polar has also posted the roadmap of Vantage software updates for the rest of this year. Update 4.0 is scheduled for October and should include the following:

  • Fitness Test that can be performed both with wrist-based heart rate and chest strap.
  • Zone Lock for locking a training zone during your workout.
  • Lap details: time, distance, average pace etc., in the training file on your Vantage V.

If all goes according to plan, update 5.0 will land in December. It will come with Strava Live Segments support (only for Vantage V) and Race Pace.

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