Hydrade: stay hydrated while helping others access clean drinking water

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Hydrade is an environmentally friendly, smart water bottle that keeps you hydrated while helping others access clean drinking water.

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The gadget has already raised around $100,000 on Kickstarter, nearly twice its original campaign goal. Funding has closed now, but Hydrade is still available through Indiegogo in-demand.

You might be wondering why this 24oz (710ml) smart water bottle is so popular? After all, there are many other similar products on the market.

To start off, you will never have to think about charging it. Hydrade is entirely powered by a built-in solar panel which kicks into action anytime there is illumination. A fully charged battery can keep the thing going for up to 20 days.

The bottle keeps tabs on your liquid intake, suggests daily hydration levels based on your individual circumstances, and sends ‘drink’ reminders. As you’d expect, there is an accompanying smartphone app which lets you customize all this and keep tabs on trends. You can also sync the data with popular smartphone health apps (Fitbit, Apple, etc) and select activity wearables. Plus, the BPA-free, eco-friendly, stainless steel, double wall insulation keeps drinks cold for 22 hours and hot for 13 hours.

Finally you can take comfort in knowing that with each sip you are not only keeping your body hydrated, but are also donating to a good cause. Hydrade matches your liquid consumption with a charity donation to Charity:Water.

Price: $35 and up

Funding closed:

$98,644 raised out of $50,000 goal

Estimated delivery: December 2019

Pre-orders open on:

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