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Your Fitbit Versa won’t turn on? Try this fix.

Fitbit Versa is a great timepiece. In fact it’s our recommended device for the average person looking for a fitness watch. But as good as it is, sometimes problems arise. Here’s what to do if you suddenly find your Versa won’t switch on.

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If you find you’re faced with this problem, you might take some comfort in the knowledge that you’re not alone. In fact there’s a pretty long thread about it on Fitbit’s Community Forum. A number of users have reported an issue where they left their device charging, only to find out it switched itself off and is refusing to turn back on. Or their device would simply go dead for no apparent reason, as dead as a dodo.

Luckily there are a few things you can try to resolve the issue.

fitbit charge 3 or versa which is right for you 1 - Your Fitbit Versa won't turn on? Try this fix.
Image source: Fitbit

Restart the device

The first thing you should always do when there’s a problem with the Versa is to restart your watch. This is quite easily done by pressing and holding the back (left) and bottom (right) buttons until you see the Fitbit logo on the screen. This should take about 10 seconds. Let go of the buttons.

Some users on the forum have suggested a solution where you hold down the buttons (all three buttons) for 10 seconds. One of them said this didn’t work but he kept the three buttons down for about three minutes and suddenly, the screen flashed up the Fitbit logo.

Has the battery been depleted?

Hopefully your fitness watch is back to life now. If not, perhaps there may be a problem with the charger and your Versa has simply run out of battery juice.

We’ve pulled together a guide on what to do if you Fitbit is not charging. The gist of it is that you should clean the tracker and charging cable, check if the USB port or electricity outlet is working, and make sure the tracker is properly aligned with the charging pins.

Issue still not resolved?

If none of this works, there is the chance your Versa is faulty or there is a problem with the charger. Which means you will need to replace one or the other with a new one. In this case it’s best to contact Fitbit’s Customer Support Team and start the warranty process.

The simplest way to do this is to go to contact customer care in the Fitbit app. Navigate to the trouble shooting section and select online chat.

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9 thoughts on “Your Fitbit Versa won’t turn on? Try this fix.

  • My versa 2 says that data not cleared and can’t get it to start

    • My Fitbit app is tell me to allow to access what does this mean but I haven’t had the watch in like months but I just bought new charging so I’m lost on what to do next

  • I have done all pushing all 3 buttons 10 sec. And 3 min. Nothing cleaned it still won’t light up it says it’s completely charged

    • Hi, my fitbit versa has just gone blank and won’t turn on. I’ve tried all the suggested fixes but nothing has worked. This is the second time this has happened, the first time Currys (where I purchased the watch) replaced it for me with no fuss. Disappointed this has now happened for a second time as I like the watch and use it for lots of things in my everyday life. Help would be gratefully appreciated.

      • Exactly same problem for me.
        They replaced it once in November 2020 and now again it has just gone blank!!!

  • I can’t put the Fitbit on is getting hot in the charger so is charge but won’t turn on

    • dude same here..did you find any fix to this?

  • my Fitbit just randomly deis this is pretty much brand new and this is very frustrating please help

  • Battery compatibility dead. Tried all the suggestions and still nothing. I purchased mine 2019 February from Fitbit directly, less then a year later December 2019 I was able to get only 2-2.5 days with one charge. Called customer support since it was still under warranty and they made me do some charging tests and after few days they were able to see that it was not holding charge. They sent me a replacement tracker were very helpful but Fitbit completely failed to mention that replacements only have a 6 month warranty. WHAT? Fitbit also failed to mention that replacements what are sent out ARE refurbished and not new. That may have been a reason that 7 month later I started having a battery issues again and that is when it died so quickly I did not even realized that I had it only for couple of days and it was dead. I did end up resetting and using the suggestions from online and after a multiple tries I was able to bring it back to life. I called Fitbit again and that is when they told me I only had 6 month on replacement unit. And they told me the reason for 6 month is because the replacement trackers are refurbished. Again WHAT???
    April 2021 it died again completely and after multiple attempts I have still not been able to get Versa come back to life. Well it lasted little over 2 years and I gave Fitbit a try, now moving on to look for something else. Garmin, Polar, Samsung not sure but Fitbit has lost a customer. All 4 of us had the Fitbit trackers. They DO NOT STAND behind their product. Maybe that is why they came out with Versa 2 because there were so many battery and charge issues with original Versa.


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