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Beddit launches customer beta program to test new sleep features

Beddit sleep tracking company has launched a customer Beta program to test out new software features.

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The Finland-based outfit, that has been owned by Apple since 2017, announced the news on its blog. It’s quite possible owners of the sleep tracker can look forward to some significant upgrades considering the company has gone through the trouble of setting up a Beta.

“Through the Beddit Beta Program, you will have early access to new versions of the Beddit app before the general public. Participants will share valuable feedback with Apple Inc. (“Apple”) such as app use, app settings, sleep results, and other diagnostic information,” it says on their website.

The popular device utilises Bluetooth 4.0 and Apple iBeacon to slap on automatic sleep tracking smarts to any traditional bed. This means no buttons to press, nothing to worry about.

Beddit launches customer beta program to test new sleep features
Image source: Beddit

The 3.5 model consists of a 2mm strip with embedded pieze force, capacitive touch, humidity and temperature sensors. It slips under your bed-sheet around the location of a person’s heart from where it does its thing. The sensor pod on the latest version is slightly smaller and the cable has been shortened from 3 to 2.4 meters.

Beddit launches customer beta program to test new sleep features
Image source: Beddit

In the morning users can find a plethora stats in the accompanying smartphone app. This includes info on sleep time, sleeping patterns, resting heart rate, breathing frequency and snoring time.

The tracker looks at all the important elements of your sleep and summarises them into one simple number – the SleepScore. You are meant to aim for the green-zone. The software also lets you set daily bedtime and sleep time goals.

The Apple company has not revealed what the new features are. Perhaps it may have something to do with more detailed insights and coaching. The monitor measures the number of breaths per minute so potentially the company could flirt with providing insights into possible sleep apnea and other disturbances. This, however, is an outside chance as ideally you need something with a PulseOx monitor to dish out these types of insights.

Many are hoping sleep tracking will be added to the Apple Watch 5 in September. This, however, is unlikely unless Apple significantly improves on battery life. In the mean time Apple fans will need to continue using third-party apps to measure sleep and stand-alone devices such as the Beddit Sleep monitor.

To participate in the Beta you must live in the US, be over 22 years of age, and have a Beddit Sleep Monitor model 3.5.

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