UV-Bodyguard: Keep your kids safe in the sun

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We all know prolonged exposure to ultra violet (UV) radiation is dangerous. In addition to sunburn and skin damage, it can ultimately lead to skin cancer. Children require even more protection as they are at higher risk. This is because their skin is thinner and more sensitive. So even a short time outdoors in the midday sun can be risky.

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There are a number of UV monitors on the market. They range from those that clip on to your clothes, come in the form of wearable bands, or have an adhesive that sticks directly to your skin. But a newly launched product on Kickstarter is the first especially designed for children.

The UV-Bodyguard can be fixed to clothing, hats, bike helmets or outdoor gear, from where it continuously measures exposure to UV radiation. It comes from a German-based company called Ajuma.

In order to appeal to kids, the gizmo is shaped like a 4cm x 1.5cm turtle. There are two ways to attach it, by using a Velcro strip or a rubber band system. Powering the whole thing is a USB-rechargeable battery.

To use simply open the app to allow UV-Bodyguard to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth. The software allows you to enter the applied sunscreen (SPF) for more precise results, along with information on age and skin type. You can add as many profiles as you like.

How long you can stay in the sun depends on many factors. This includes your skin type, the amount of sunscreen you’ve applied, the earth’s surface (sand, grass, etc…), height above sea level, time of day, time of year, weather conditions and more. The app takes all of this into account to let you know how long you and your children can stay in the sun. It also uses your smartphone to send out warnings (in the form of a sound or vibration) when its time head for the shade.

This certainly sounds like a useful little thing. All the more so, considering many countries are seeing record temperatures this year.

The project to make this concept a reality has just launched. If all goes well, a contribution of £44 will see a UV-Bodyguard delivered to your doorstep next spring.

Price: £44 and up

Funding open:

£732 raised out of £6,905 goal
42 days to go

Estimated delivery: March 2020

View on:

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