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A new Michael Kors smartwatch shows up in Bluetooth certification

Bluetooth registration details for a new Michael Kors smartwatch suggest the company’s range is about to get a refresh. A IFA 2019 seems likely.

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The American luxury fashion company has just received Bluetooth certifications for a new Wear OS smartwatch. It comes from Bluetooth SIG, the outfit that oversees development and licensing of such technologies. The listing suggests a launch date is not too far off.

The current Michael Kors Access range comes in a number of different models. This includes Access Bradshaw, Dylan, Grayson, Hybrid, Runway and the more feminine Sofie.

Which of the above (if any) are set for a revamp is not clear as the certification does not provide too many details. We do have the model number DW9M1, but this doesn’t really tell us too much.

A new Michael Kors smartwatch shows up in Bluetooth certification

Interestingly, we’ve seen references to other Michael Kors watches in the making. Five Fossil Group watches dropped by the FCC a month ago. Two of these are from Michael Kors, but they go under monikers DW10M1, DW10M2. This suggests a possible three new watches, or three iterations of the same watch.

All that we know from the FCC and Bluetooth SIG info is that the next generation features Bluetooth, 2.4GHz WiFi and NFC. This is unchanged from last year’s range so it’s no big reveal. As always, a better design is on the cards and hopefully longer battery life.

Fossil has gradually been rolling out its 4th Generation technology since late last summer. Such devices come with improved water-resistance, a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS and NFC for contactless payments. It will be interesting to see what Generation 5 brings.

Hopefully the watches will come with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 3100 instead of the ageing 2100 processor. The new chip brings low-power modes for extended battery life and better performance. The only Fossil Group smartwatch so far with the new processor is Fossil Sport.

It shouldn’t be too long until we find out what Michael Kors has planned for its next smartwatch. IFA in early September should provide a good launch platform.

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