Xiaomi is crowdfunding a $14 smartwatch on Youpin

Tech giant Xiaomi is crowdfunding a budget timepiece called Haylou LS01. In looks the device resembles the Apple Watch but it costs just $14 (99.9 Yuan)!

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The timepiece can be purchased through the company’s Youpin platform. As its name implies, this is a third-party product manufactured by Xiaomi’s partner Haylou.

Xiaomi is crowdfunding a $14 smartwatch on Youpin

The Apple Watch lookalike comes with a 1.3″, square TFT LCD display (240 x 240 pixel) and weighs a mere 34 grams. The dimensions of the case are 40.9 x 35.7 x 11.6 mm. It comes with a 26.3 mm wide swappable band made of smooth and soft silicone. Those interested are able to choose between a black and silver option.

This is primarily a fitness watch which has the basic smarts needed for 24/7 activity tracking. This includes steps, distance, calories, heart rate, sleep and sedentary reminders. The 9 available sports modes consist of walking, running, hiking, cycling, treadmill, fitness, mountain climbing, spinning and yoga. The info can be viewed on the watch itself or the Haylou Support Android or iOS app.

Xiaomi is crowdfunding a $14 smartwatch on Youpin

Along with this, the Haylou LS01 spits out notification reminders. It can alert to calls, messages and more. There’s also breathing training to keep you chilled.

Everything is powered by a 210 mAh battery which can run for an excellent two weeks between charges (depending on use). Waterproofing is rated IP68. This is not enough for swimming but the watch can survive for a half an hour down to a depth of 1.5 meters.

The watch is only available in China for now at a crowdfunding price of 99.9 Yuan ($ 14). This is cheap even for Chinese standards.

This is not the first time Xiaomi is crowdfunding a smartwatch on Youpin. Earlier this year it partnered with Yunmai to raise funds for the $100 Xiaomi Yunmai. There are also rumors the tech giant is looking to release its own smartwatch. The Xiaomi Mi Watch with LTE and NFC is expected to launch in China later this month.

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