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Software update lets Fossil Gen 5 watches make calls with an iPhone

Fossil Generation 5 smartwatches are getting a bit smarter. A new software update that’s making its rounds right now lets them make and receive phone calls when connected to an iPhone.

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While Wear OS watches let you make and receive calls from Android phone, the functionality is very limited when it comes to Apple phones. It actually ends with letting you know there’s an incoming call.

But Fossil has figured out how to handle iPhone calls on its Gen 5 smartwatches. This makes them the first Wear OS timepieces that can manage the feat.

Fossil’s 5th generation Carlyle HR & Julianna HR talk back to you
Image source: Fossil

Fossil’s 5th generation Carlyle HR & Julianna HR were launched back in August. They come with a built-in speaker, longer battery life via smart battery modes, increased storage capacity and the Snapdragon 3100 processor.

The upgraded software is rolling out gradually. Assuming it has hit your country, you might need to press check for updates a few times if the PWDU.190829.018 doesn’t come up. Restarting the device might help.

After the software finishes the upgrade and the watch restarts, you’ll be asked if you want to use the calling feature. You’ll notice that the call UI is changed, as well.

Some users on Reddit are reporting improvements to battery life and a more stable Bluetooth connection. The update also seems to improve calls when connected to an Android phone.

The functionality is a welcome upgrade which is reserved for 5th generation Fossil Group watches. So far there’s been no official word on how the software works. But don’t expect to see this on other Wear OS devices as it relies on proprietary Fossil software.

Carlyle HR and Julianna HR will set you back $295 US dollars. You can pick them up on the company’s website or Amazon.

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