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WatchOS 6.1 adds support for older Apple watches

watchOS 6 was released on September 19th but only for owners of the Series 3, 4 or 5 watch. Those with older devices were promised support would come “later this fall”. Apple as now made good on its promise.

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The Cupertino outfit released version 6.1 of its operating system yesterday after a period of beta testing. The update brings support for Apple Watch Series 1 and 2 along with some other smaller upgrades and bug fixes. The month and a half long wait for owners of older devices has finally come to an end.

The new version of the operating system comes with lots of useful functionality. This includes a stand-alone app store, new health functionality, apps, complications and watch faces. All of this is supported on Series 1 and 2 watches apart from the watch faces.

The new apps include Calculator, Voice Memos and Books for listening to audio books from your wrist. Developers are also now able to create software that runs independently on the watch. This should in time enable a whole new generation of apps. It also fits nicely with the newly acquired ability to download and install apps without a need for an iPhone.

The new health and fitness capabilities include a Hearing Health app which features a decibel meter. A menstrual cycling tracking app called Cycles has also been added along with some other smaller health upgrades.

Owners of Apple Watch Series 1,2,3,4 and 5 can now update their software to version 6.1. These are the notes accompanying the release.

“watchOS 6.1 introduces support for AirPods Pro and includes improvements and bug fixes. This update also brings watch OS 6 to Apple Watch Series 1 and 2.”

To upgrade the software directly on your watch make sure it is connected to Wi-Fi. Go the the Settings app on the watch, tap General/Software Update/Install. You can also update via the Apple Watch app on your iPhone by going to the My Watch tab and tapping General/Software Update.

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