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Amazfit smartphone app update slaps on more workout data

Amazfit app update
Amazfit app update

An updated version of the Amazfit app has just been released into the wild. It slaps on more data in Workout Results, a horizontal view of charts, a fix for notifications and more.

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This is the app that is used for a range of Huami-made watches including the Amazfit Stratos range, GTS, GTR, Nexo, Bip range, Verge range, Pace and more. Some of these watches were released just in the last few months.

We recently reviewed the Amazfit GTS and Amazfit GTR. Both of these are great looking watches that come with a plethora of fitness stats, including built-in GPS. And both use the Amazfit smartphone app which does the job, although would benefit from some improvements.

Version 3.4.5 of the app hopes to make things better. For example, the 272mb download brings with it more exercise data on the Workout results page. For running this includes the number of steps, pause time, total time and maximum heart rate.

Another improvement is the app now allows for a horizontal view of the workout charts. Simply click on the little plus sign (in the top left-hand corner) next to any chart and you’ll be taken to the new page. This also allows you to overlay data. For example, if you’re looking at Pace, you can overlay this with Heart rate or Altitude data.

Amazfit smartphone app update slaps on more workout data

Users of certain Amazfit devices have reported problems receiving smartwatch notifications on their timepiece with the new iOS13. Once the Amazfit app is updated to Version 3.4.5, it will ask you to make sure the Bluetooth settings are correct. This is done by manually going into the iPhone Settings/Bluetooth section and enabling your watch to receive smartphone notifications .

Finally, Huami says it has also added a schedule sync feature for the Amazfit Verge and Amazfit Nexo.

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