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Software update brings music control to Samsung Galaxy Fit

A new Galaxy Fit firmware upgrade adds a music widget along with over 30 official watch faces. Yes, you can finally control music via the fitness band without taking your smartphone out of your pocket.

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The Galaxy Fit is a great little activity wearable. It was announced alongside the less expensive Fit-e in February, but only made its US debut in June. The fitness band comes with a full colour 0.95” AMOLED display whereas Fit-e has a much more basic 0.74” PMOLED display. The duo shares a 5 ATM water-resistance rating and battery life of around a week.

The software update has been released in Italy and a number of other countries, and is currently making its rounds to other regions. The 21.49 MB file goes under the moniker R370XXU0ASK1 and is available in both the Android Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

The software brings much anticipated music control to the fitness band. The music widget allows you to play songs, skip, pause and resume them. Users are also able to see the name of the song currently playing on the watch face.

As part of the upgrade there are 31 official new dials that can be synced from your smartphone. This includes options that display fitness metrics, date and weather information on the screen. The software also brings the usual bug fixes and improves responsiveness of some features.

The new update for Galaxy Fit can be downloaded via the Galaxy Wearable smartphone app. Just go to the Home » About band » Update band software section and select Download and install. Then simply follow the on-screen instructions. Galaxy Fit should restart itself once the upgrade is over.

You can circumvent this procedure in the future by activating the Auto download over WiFi functionality. This will automatically check for updates and install them when your device is connected to a WiFi source.

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One thought on “Software update brings music control to Samsung Galaxy Fit

  • I think this update has improved battery life too. I was burning up 25% of battery each day after initially only using 15% a day when I bought it three months ago.
    I’m hoping the battery is replaceable if I’m going to use it up in 6 months.

    I’m thinking they fixed the wake on notification bug. I would get a buzz but raise my arm and nothing would show. I had raise to wake off to save battery.

    There’s a new feedback buzz when you scroll too far. Think that’s a waste of battery.

    Also the music controller is either or both a widget and pull down info item. So I just use the pull down item.

    Also you can pull down from any widget not just the home screen.

    I also got rid of the date widget because a face can now show weather heart steps date and time. Nice! Technically I could remove the weather widget but I like the future weather data.

    I’m hoping the heart light is smarter now. Used to stay on forever even when set to 10 minutes. It thought I initiated an exercise so I’d go in and start one and cancel and the light would behave.

    Also don’t use stress option cause that eats up battery with heart light always on.

    Works great with iPhone 7 Plus and iOS 12.

    Samsung Health app is way better than Apple Health app imo.


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