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Fitbit’s new Wellness Report allows users to accumulate health data in one place

Fitbit has introduced a new Wellness Report. It offers a comprehensive view of your health and fitness statistics over the past year or month. The service is primarily for Premium users but others can use it with limited functionality.

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The outfit seems to be rushing out a plethora of updates ahead of the Google acquisition. In addition to the Wellness Report, Fitbit has announced version 4.1 of its smartwatch operating system. The release brings a better always-on display mode for Versa 2, updates to the heart rate algorithm, improved Alexa support and a few smaller updates for Ionic and other devices in the Versa range.

The Wellness Report is a service that allows users to accumulate their health and fitness data in one place. It can be used to easily spot trends or export results to share with your doctor, nutritionist or personal trainer.

Premium users can generate a report for the past year consisting of activity, sleep, heart rate and weight trend data. There’s also a one month report that can be downloaded by everyone, regardless of their subscription status.

Fitbit’s new Wellness ReportFitbit’s new Wellness Report

To generate the report, head over to the Discover tab in the Health & Fitness Stats section of the smartwatch app. Choose Wellness Report, specify the time period and click on Request My Report to access a PDF with an overview of your data. If you do not see the Wellness Report option, make sure your app is updated to the last available version.

It may take around 5 – 10 mins to receive the PDF by email. If you don’t see it, make sure it hasn’t landed into your spam folder. It’s also worth checking your Fitbit profile/account to see if the correct email address is listed.

Click on the images below to see an example of what you get.

Fitbit OS 4.1 improves accuracy of heart rate algorithm and moreFitbit OS 4.1 improves accuracy of heart rate algorithm and moreFitbit OS 4.1 improves accuracy of heart rate algorithm and more

The company says it has worked with healthcare professionals including ER and ICU physicians from leading facilities to come up with service. Users will need at least 30 days worth of data to access the report, and some of the features are only available to a heart rate enabled device. For weight trends, you’ll need to connect a Fitbit scale to your account or enter the values yourself. Fitbit says it will add additional metrics, trends, and insights over time.

This is certainly a worthy addition to the company’s offering as it looks like it could be very useful to many. We only wish all users had access to the full service and not just the previous month.

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