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Polar Vantage series gets FitSpark, Race Pace & Strava Live Segments

Tomorrow’s firmware refresh will bring FitSpark and Race Pace to the Polar Vantage V and M sports watches. Vantage V is also getting Strava Live Segments.

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Polar is doing a good job at issuing regular updates. The one due to land on December 31st (6am EST), follows from the October refresh which brought Nightly Recharge, Sleep Plus Stages and Serene.

The wearables were announced in September last year. The duo features an improved heart rate monitor, advanced performance metrics and smart coaching. The more high-spec Vantage V is geared towards the serious fitness enthusiast, whereas the Vantage M is a slightly stripped back, budget friendly iteration.

FitSpark is one of the new features that is getting slapped on. To make sure you don’t overdue it with those health and fitness New Year’s resolutions, this is a daily training guide that provides you with suggested workouts that are tailored to your recovery, fitness level and training history.

Those of us that have tried out the Polar Ignite will recognize the feature. It spits out different types of workouts every day within cardio, strength training and performance categories. You can then start a session and follow the personalized targets or choose to ignore the suggestion.

Polar Vantage series gets FitSpark, Race Pace & Strava Live SegmentsNext we move on to Race Pace. This allows you to set a distance and a goal pace before a run, and then check your wrist to see how you’re well doing in real-time. The feature helps runners to maintain a steady pace, and tells them how much of a pace adjustment is needed in order to meet their pre-set target.

Strava Live Segments is available only for Vantage V owners. As the name implies, it allows you to Connect with Strava, and race against yourself or others. Users can see how they stack up against other runners and cyclists on their favorite road or trail segments, right from their wrist.

Polar says Vantage V & M are the most advanced watches in its history. This latest round of updates (dubbed 5.0) has some useful features that will certainly make them even better.

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