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Fitbit releases software update but only for Versa 2 users

Fitbit has rolled out a software update for Versa 2. Version 4.1.1 of the operating system focuses on optimizing heart rate tracking algorithm and the typical bug fixes.

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The refresh started making its rounds a few days ago. This is a progressive rollout so users will receive it at different stages. Fitbit sometimes does this to make sure everything is okay with the upgraded software.

You can check what version you are on by swiping to the left on the watch face and tapping the gear icon. Scroll to the bottom of the next page and tap on About. This will take you to a screen which shows the firmware version on your watch. This one has the number Anything other than that number means you have not installed the new software.

It could be because the rollout has not reached you yet, in which case you’ll need to wait a bit longer. Typically, when you open the accompanying smartphone app you will get a notice that there’s an update available.

According to the release notes the software:

    • Optimizes the algorithm used to track your heart rate on Versa 2
    • Contains bug fixes and other improvements.

The reaction to the update on Fitbit forums has generally been positive so it’s probably safe to install. The other option is to wait a few weeks in case there are bugs that could mess up your device. On that note, a few users have noticed that their screen stopped responding to all touch once the new software was installed. Restarting the timepiece by holding the left-sided button for 10 seconds and releasing it should be enough to fix the problem.

According to the comments on the forums, amongst the squashing of bugs is a fix for the water logging issue. Some users had been hoping for a O2 variation graph in the sleep section but they will need to wait for one of the future updates for this.

All in all, this is a smaller update than the previous one. You can check the release notes for all Fitbit Versa 2 updates on this link. When installing a new version, its good to keep your Versa 2 on the charger as updates can be quite demanding on the battery.

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One thought on “Fitbit releases software update but only for Versa 2 users

  • Latest update murdered my versa 2. Never buying again from Fitbit. This one was a gift very upsetting


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