VOIXATCH: cellularly enabled watch that acts as a bluetooth headset

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VOIXATCH is the world’s first cellularly enabled smartwatch, that comes with a built-in bluetooth headset.

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Jason Oh, the inventor, came up with the idea when he was recovering from a Judo injury and looking for a more convenient way to stay connected. The device is ideal when you want to go and work out, but still make a private call without having to reach for your smartphone.

In that sense, the timepiece works like any other cellular smartwatch. What’s different about this one is the bezel. It can be extracted to become a 5.0 BT earpiece.

Slot it back into the watch and it will recharge. To automatically answer an incoming call, twist it counter clockwise and lift it from the watch body. Crazy in its simplicity. The company says the headset has a wing-shaped protrusion that is designed to prevent it from falling off.

Apart from that, it’s pretty standard stuff. The watch comes with a 1.3 inch AMOLED touch display that has a 360 x 360 resolution. This is ideal for viewing messages, fitness stats, communicating with Google Voice and more.

There’s a ARM cortex-A53 processor under the hood, along with 1GB of on-board memory and 8GB of storage space. For fitness tracking there’s a heart rate and gyro sensor, including built-in GPS.

The dimensions of the watch are 49 x 49 and with 15mm depth, which makes it pretty thick. This is necessary to house the large 530 mAH battery which can keep everything going for 2 days in standby time and 3 hours talk time.

There’s only a black case option but the watch comes with four interchangeable bezels in different colors. This way you can customize the look for any occasion. Assuming all goes well with manufacturing, a $179 pledge will have a VOIXATCH delivered to your doorstep this Summer.

Price: $179 and up

Funding open:

$35,797 raised out of $25,000 goal
43 days to go

Estimated delivery: July 2020

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