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iOS 14 code reveals a special watchOS7 Kids Mode

Code in iOS 14 reveals watchOS7 will come with a special Kids Mode. This will measure youngsters’ activities via a modified version of Apple’s Activity Rings.

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The Apple Watch is the most popular smartwatch in the world. Adults account for the vast majority of sales, but more and more kids can be spotted sporting the timepiece. It makes sense the Cupertino outfit is adding kid-friendly features.

The official guidelines are that children need 60 minutes of physical activity per day. This can be accomplished by including moderate-intensity aerobic activity such as brisk walking, or vigorous-intensity activity such as running. Shockingly, WTO figures show that four out of five kids between 11 and 17 don’t meet this goals.

The folks over at 9to5Mac spotted the reference to a new Kids Mode in iOS 14 code. It offers the same Activity Rings as for adults, the difference arising from the measuring metrics. Currently the outer Red ring shows number of active calories burned, the middle Green ring the number of minutes of exercise and the inner Blue ring the number of hours with stand or wheelchair movements.

The change comes with the Red ring. In Kids mode it will show move time instead of active calories burned. For example, you could set it the the official 60 minute guideline – a much more useful metric for youngsters than calories.

This is not the only kid-focused feature of watchOS7. Previous iOS 14 code leaks have indicated the new operating system will come with Parental Controls. The functionality will allow parents to use their phones to manage contacts and available music on their kids smartwatch. They will also be able to choose which apps and complications can be used during specific hours. This last feature is called Schooltime.

watchOS 7 is set to land this autumn. The full details on the operating system will be revealed at WWDC in June. This year the event will be held online only.

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