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Polar Grit X is a rugged multisports watch with intriguing outdoor features

Polar has launched today Grit X, a multi sports watch for the outdoorsy types. The device offers great battery life and some innovative features.

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Starting off with the build, Grit X comes with a rugged and durable design. In fact the construction is rated to US military-grade standard (MIL-STD-810G). This means the thing is built to last and has passed extreme temperature, drop and humidity tests. Needless to say, the watch can survive much more than your typical scrape, fall or brief contact with water. Despite all this, Grit X is surprisingly lightweight coming in at only 64 grams.

The watch also boasts great battery life. On a single charge it can deliver 40 hours of continuous training with GPS and all the other bells and whistles. Switch a few power saving options on and this climbs to 100 hours. A very useful option for extended adventures or ultra events.

Grit X is Polar’s rugged yet lightweight outdoor multisports watch
Image source: Polar

There are several new outdoor-specific features worth a mention. First of is something Polar calls Hill Splitter. This lets you know with detailed stats how you performed on ascent and descent segments of your route.

The next one is FuelWise. It aims to address something many outdoor enthusiasts do not pay enough attention to – hydration and nutrition consistency. The functionality is both manual and automatic and makes sure you stay energised by delivering timely nutrition and refuelling reminders.

Finally, users will also be able to plan their routes in detail using Komoot and an integrated compass. This will provide them with turn-by-turn guidance to ensure they get to their destination without losing their way.

No worries about a storm during your trek. Grit X will let you know what to expect well in advance with its 2 day forecast, directly from the wrist.

Grit X is Polar’s rugged multisports watch with innovative outdoor features
Image source: Polar

Other smart coaching features are ported across from the Vantage series and Polar Ignite. This includes 24/7 heart rate tracking with Polar Precision Prime, FitSpark, Nightly Recharge, Training Load Pro, Sleep Plus Stages, Running Power and Serene sessions to destress.

Grit X is Polar’s rugged yet lightweight outdoor multisports watch
Image source: Polar

Polar’s answer to the Garmin Fenix series comes in a choice between green and black in size M/L, along with a white in size S/M. There are also a plethora of straps to choose from. This includes the standard silicone in green, black and white. Slightly more pricey are Paracord textile red, blue and tundra green options, as well as a leather band.

“In recent years, Polar has introduced a robust suite of features including training load, recovery, running power, sleep, and personalized training recommendations for athletes of all levels,” says Tom Fowler, President of Polar USA in a press release.

“Polar Grit X takes this even further not just with new features, but with powerful insights and feedback designed for outdoor enthusiasts.”

Polar Grit X is available from today on Polar’s website. It sells for $429.95. Availability in other retails begins in May.

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