BULO: measure the state of your airflow to improve performance

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BULO is an innovative breath analysis device created by ex-Samsung engineers. It’s capable of spitting out accurate measurements on the state of a person’s respiratory system.

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The gizmo hit Kickstarter a few weeks back and is already 10 times above its rather modest $5,000 funding goal. Its name is derived from a Korean word meaning “staying young forever.” The team chose that name because they started developing BULO a few years ago, while they were still working for the South-Korean tech giant. But what makes the gizmo so popular and why would you want a breath analysis device?

Similar machines can be found in hospital and clinical settings where they are utilised to measure and analyze the state of a person’s lungs. But these tests can be expensive. BULO is a cheaper way to do something similar.

By boosting lung endurance and strengthening lung muscles you can improve performance, sharpen focus and build overall stamina. BULO helps you with all of this.

The thing comes with curated breathing exercises in the accompanying Android and iOS smartphone app that train you to to increase the amount of oxygen your body can use. In essence, they teach you proper breathing techniques.

The app displays the state of your airflow (measured at 10ms intervals) so you can keep tabs on your progress over time. Simply inhale and exhale into BULO for a six seconds to take a reading. The thing instantly connects to the app where you will be able to see three different data points: lung age, lung capacity and lung strength. Trends can be displayed weekly, monthly and yearly.

BULO has a removable and washable mouthpiece and a single LED. There’s a 300mAh battery on-board that keeps going for up to 20 days if you use it for 30 minutes per day. Time to full charge is 4 hours.

The gizmo is intended for everyone from professional athletes to those with respiratory issues. If you want to boost performance, accelerate recovery or simply want to be more aware of your health, BULO starts at $84. Mass production is set to begin in June with shipping to backers scheduled for August.

Price: $84 and up

Funding open:

$65,661 raised out of $5,000 goal
12 days left

Estimated delivery: August 2020

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