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Six months after launch Amazfit Bip S is finally up for sale on Amazon

Some six months after its launch, the Amazfit Bip S is finally up for sale on Amazon. Up to now it was only available in a number of Eastern-Asian countries and Australia.

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Amazfit Bip S | Image source: Huami

The watch was originally announced by Huami at its launch event at CES 2020 in January. This also saw the unveiling of the Amazfit T-Rex, along with smart earbuds and a treadmill.

Now the watch is finally available to buy on Amazon. It’s on pre-order at the moment but shipping is from tomorrow, June 8th. Coincidently, Amazfit Stratos 3 which was launched late last year received its own Amazon listing just a few days ago.

We’ve been told by Huami that the coronavirus situation and supply chain disruptions were responsible for the delay in availability. Amazfit Bip S was originally slated for a February release but this has shifted everything. According to another smartwatch maker assembly lines in China were taken over by the government to make products needed to combat COVID-19. The worst seems to be over in that country, at least for now, so assembly lines have ramped up again.

Amazfit Bip S vs Bip

The Amazfit Bip S looks very much like it’s very popular predecessor. The upgrades include proper water resistance (5 ATM), an improved GPS chip and heart rate monitor, new exercise modes and more. Battery life, the big selling point of its predecessor, is still awesome at 30 days (22 hours with GPS switched on), and the watch is even lighter now coming in at just 31 grams.

There’s a transflective color display on-board, rather than the Reflective color screen of the previous version. This is the same tech that is used by Garmin for its Forerunner and Fenix watches. It has the benefit of having decent readability in bright, outside conditions, and being always on. The size and pixel resolution remain unchanged at 1.28 inches, and 176 x 176.

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Amazfit BIP | Image source: Huami

For now only the Carbon Black version is listed on Amazon, but we are expecting White Rock, Red Orange and Warm Pink options to follow soon. You can also pretty that up with a wide choice of colourful watch faces.

The original device was very popular as it worked very well and offered a lot for the price. Huami is sticking to the formula that worked once before so we are expecting this one to be a big seller, too. You can check our detailed overview on the differences between Bip S, Bip and Bip Lite on this link.

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2 thoughts on “Six months after launch Amazfit Bip S is finally up for sale on Amazon

  • Maybe you all spoke too soon. Amazon now says it doesn’t know when the watch will be available, which was a real bummer to find out the day I was expecting it to arrive in the mail.

    • Hopefully they’ll stock up soon. Stratos 3 had stopped selling and then started up again.


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