Withings Sleep Tracking Pad updated with apnea detection

Withings has started rolling out apnea detection to users of Sleep Pad. This is the same functionality that can be found in Sleep Analyzer.

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Withings Sleep Tracking Pad updated with apnea detectionLaunched a couple of years ago as a rebranded version of its Nokia equivalent, Sleep Pad slips under your mattress from where it tracks a range of stats. This includes info on sleep cycles (deep, light and REM), snoring and more. The best part about the gizmo is that there is absolutely no contact with the body or need to switch it on/off.

Withings released an upgraded version called Sleep Analyzer in April 2020 (available on withings.com), which slaps on some other goodies such as the ability to track sleep apnea. This made it the world’s first non-invasive sensor that is able detect the disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.

In our review we found Sleep Analyzer works really well. In fact, it has become the Gadgets & Wearables recommended sleep tracking device. It lies incognito under your mattress with no buttons to push or need to charge. Jump into bed, and go to sleep. This is exactly what you want – a no hassle tracker that you forget is even there.

Now Sleep Mat is getting the same apnea detection feature. It is coming via a firmware update (Health Mate 4.10.1).  Once downloaded and installed you should see a button to activate in the Device settings in the app. Its a one-click activate feature. In addition to the app, you should also make sure the firmware on the device itself is the latest available. It’s worth mentioning, this is a progressive rollout so may take a while before reaching everyone. For now it is only available for European Sleep users.

Withings is also in the process of obtaining regulatory approval for Scanwatch. Unlike its sleep tracking mat, this one is able to detect apnea from the wrist.

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