Withings Health Mate 5 comes with a redesign and personalized insights

Withings has released a new version of its smartphone app. Health Mate 5 offers a more intuitive experience and new features that will help you learn more about your health.

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This is a significant software refresh that makes the app more useful. Your data has a new home and there’s more personalised content and insights.

At the top of the new Home screen, Health Mate 5 features an engaging chat that highlights key statistics, emerging trends and notable achievements. The Withings software now scans all your health data to come up with personalised insights and actionable tips. The company says, these will be released progressively to every Health Mate User so if you don’t see them right away, be patient.

Withings Health Mate 5 comes with a redesign and personalized insights

The Home dashboard also shows your latest measurements, ongoing programs and Leaderboards. You can join or browse other programs via a link.

There’s now a new category of data called Trends. This is a way to monitor weekly achievements and progress towards your goals.

Other improvements include a section for tips and articles. This is content you can read for further motivation towards reaching your goals and improving your health.

Withings Health Mate 5 comes with a redesign and personalized insights

Moving swiftly on we come to the notifications section. New content is highlighted and you can view a history of your notifications by scrolling down.

There’s also a timeline for your fitness data. This is sorted chronologically with a button taking you through to the latest measurements section.

Other new features include the option to sign into Health Mate with Apple or Google credentials. However, this will work only if the email for these services is the same as the one for your Health Mate Account.

All in all, this seems like a nice little update. Health Mate 5.0 for iOS can be downloaded from the App  Store. The latest Android software version can be found on Google Play.

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