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Withings starts selling ScanWatch as part of limited Insider Programme

French-based Withings has made its much anticipated Scanwatch available for purchase today as part of a limited 1000 unit test run.

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The company emailed people last week that have registered interest on their website for the timepiece. They were provided with a special link allowing them to order the device.

The preview page emphasises that some functionality on ScanWatch will not be available at the outset but will be enabled via future firmware updates. A few functions still need to receive regulatory approval.

ScanWatch is available in a limited 1,000 unit quantify in white and black options. The watch comes in a 38mm case that looks vastly more classic and a more angular 42mm piece with a prominent bezel. The first sells for £249.95 in the UK, the second for £279.95.

And guess what. They’ve sold the entire stock in less than one hour – now that’s pretty impressive!

Withings starts selling Scanwatch as part of Insider Programme

At the outset the watch will be able to record ECG, it will have AFib detection via ECG, on-demand blood oxygen readings, breathing disturbances detection during sleep. In addition to this it will have the normal fitness and activity tracking, smartphone notifications and excellent 30 day battery life.

What updates are planned?

The features that will be enabled in the near future include automatic notifications in case of atrial fibrillation, high and low heart rate alerts and continuous monitoring of blood oxygen at night.

As far as Sleep Apnea, at the outset users will be able to use a Respiratory Scan feature that will flag up any breathing disturbances as you sleep. However, another update will bring a full Sleep Apnea detection feature. The functionality is still undergoing testing and Withings expect ScanWatch will get medical CE clearing for this in the near future.

It’s worth emphasising, the limited test run is only for those living in the EU. That’s because it is further along as far as regulatory approval. Withings expects to make the device available to all in the EU during September. Those in the US will probably need to wait until this fall.

Update September 9th 2020: ScanWatch is now available to buy in Europe on the Withings website

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