Strava fitness goals get support for all sport types, more

Strava has announced it is expanding its Goals feature to include all types of sports. It is also introducing monthly along with the already existing weekly and yearly goals.

The popular fitness app can track more than 30 sports. Up to now you could only set goals for running, cycling and swimming. But that has changed, or is about to change.

A new update will bring support for setting goals for all sport types tracked on Strava. Users will be able to set goals for specific metrics such as time, distance and power meter data.

Strava fitness goals get support for all sport types, more

What’s more, in addition to the already present weekly and yearly goals, you’ll now be able to set monthly goals. This gives you much flexibility in tweaking the feature to fit your specific needs.

Strava says the Goals feature will move to the Training Tab on the iPhone app. It’s private so others can not see what you are aiming for.

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This is apparently one of the most popular subscription features on Strava. Probably because it works in motivating you. Strava’s Year in Sport 2019 report shows that athletes who set a goal of three activities per week instead of two tended to be better at sticking to these goals.

Strava can be downloaded from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. There’s a free subscription with limited features and a premium subscription that runs $8 per month or $60 per year. First timers can benefit from a 30 day premum subscription at no cost to see if this is for them. The platform now has 50 million registered athletes, with 1 million new ones currently joining each month.

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