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Tizen 5.5 comes to Active 2 users in the US, ECG feature enabled

A big firmware update is making its rounds in the US which brings Tizen 5.5 to Active 2 owners. At the same time, Samsung has enabled ECG in the country.

Active 2 firmware update

Some Active 2 functions that were teased a few weeks ago are now becoming a reality in the US. We wrote in detail about them earlier in the month.

Users can look forward to more detailed running stats. This includes analysis of asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical oscillation and ground contact time – all of which should help them avoid injury.

In addition to that Active 2 owners will get VO2Max. Samsung is playing catch up here as most sports watches already have this. The metric is an excellent indicator of the current state of fitness of an individual.

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Outside of that, Active 2 will get fall detection functionality. The watch will send an SOS call and message to a pre-determined emergency contact if AI determines you’ve taking a hard stumble or fall.

Other upgrades include enhanced notifications, the ability to send AR Emoji and Bitmoji and more. The full log can be seen in the screenshot below. Users on Reddit have commented their watch works much quicker after the update. Some have even gone as far as saying it “feels like a new watch”.

Tizen 5.5 comes to Active 2 users in the US, Galaxy Watch 3 gets ECG

Galaxy Watch 3 and Active 2 get ECG

Along with the firmware update, Samsung has enabled the ECG feature. To remind, the company has secured FDA approval for this back in August. This means owners of Active 2 and Watch 3 can now use their device to take an electrocardiogram.

There’s a new app on the watch called Samsung Health monitor. It will prompt you to install the ECG Monitor app on your phone. Once that’s done you’ll be able to take an ECG. The only condition is that the smartwatch is connected to Galaxy smartphones running Android 7.0 or later. So don’t try it on a non-Samsung phone, it won’t work.

Tizen 5.5 comes to Active 2 users in the US, ECG feature enabled

Readings are initiated through the smartphone app. Make sure your watch fits tightly, sit down and rest your arm on a flat surface. Place a finger against the top button and wait until the ECG is complete. The app will then provide you with the results.

In addition to EKG, Watch 3 owners can now access their blood oxygen readings. Sleep tracking has also received a boost and can now measure breathing, vitals and REM cycles.

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  • when can we (NJ) expect the firmware updates (Tizen 5.5, Samsung Health Monitor, and ECG app) to come to Watch Active2?


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