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The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League is Hublot’s latest smartwatch

Hublot has timed the launch of its next special edition smartwatch to coincide with today’s UEFA Champions League draw. This is no accident. The timepiece is being made in a limited quantity for the tournament.

The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League is Hublot’s next smartwatch
Image source: Hublot

The timepiece is not entirely new. It is based on the Big Bang E WearOS watch which launched earlier this year. That one cost a whopping $5,800, we’re not sure yet what this one will cost. Maybe more considering only 500 will be made.

The Big Bang E UEFA Champions League is Hublot’s next smartwatch
Image source: Hublot

This latest edition has some extras over the regular version specifically to do with the UEFA Champions League. For starters users have various themed dials to choose from including a few that can be customized to resemble your favorite team’s kit.

But that’s not where it ends. The ceramic case and rubber bracelet come in a blue shade, which is the UEFA Champions League competition color.

Users will get notifications to make sure they don’t miss kick-off times, along with alerts when goals are scored, penalties are awarded, substitions, yellow and red cards are dished out and more. All this can be customized in the accompanying smartphone app so that you are not overloaded with alerts. This app will also work for existing owners of the Hublot Big Bang e.

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The Swiss company’s most famous smartwatch is the Big Bang referee, a device that was unveiled for the 2018 Fifa World Cup in Russia. A sequel was planned for the Euro Cup in early 2020, but that was postponed. Coronavirus permitting, the tournament will go ahead next year. Interestingly it will still be called UEFA EURO 2020. No doubt, we will see the next edition of Hublot’s watch in time for that tournament.

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