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ScanWatch gets oxygen saturation during sleep & breathing disturbances graph

Withings has issued a software refresh to its iOS smartphone app. Version 5.3 brings oxygen saturation during sleep for ScanWatch, along with a breathing disturbances graph.

The device has seen the light of day in Europe but still not in the US. This is because the French outfit is waiting for the go-ahead from the regulatory authorities in the country. The hope is that the watch will be made available for purchase in the US soon.

In our review we found that the strengths of ScanWatch are in keeping tabs on health, activity and sleep. The watch is great for those looking for something that doesn’t look like a fitness tracker yet performs the functionalities of one. For those that want powerful health tracking but with a touch of class.

The latest update makes it even better. This is a software refresh for the iOS Health Mate smartphone app.

Health Mate – iOS App 5.3 – what’s new?

First-off, there are some sleep upgrades. In the past you could only take blood oxygen saturation readings on demand. This is done by opening the SpO2 screen on the watch and pressing the crown to activate.

Now Withings has enabled automatic oxygen saturation monitoring during sleep. This is done every 30 minutes. In the morning, this will be shown on a line graph in the app and you’ll also be able to see the average. Which means your SpO2 readings in the app will be split into “Average Awake” value and “Average While Sleeping” value.

ScanWatch gets oxygen saturation during sleep & breathing disturbances

The next sleep related update is to do with breathing disturbances. Previously you could only see if they were Normal, Moderate or High range. Now Withings has added a timeline chart to this which plots when exactly disturbances occurred.

ScanWatch gets oxygen saturation during sleep & breathing disturbancesOutside of sleep, GPS has also received some love. To remind, ScanWatch does not have built-in GPS but can connect to your smartphone for readings.

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Withings had received feedback that it was difficult to know if GPS was switched on or off during workouts. Now there’s a clear GPS tracking indicator in the smartphone app which should make this evident.


Withings Scanwatch
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Withings Scanwatch review: a powerful hybrid health watch

The final update as part of version 5.3 is enhanced Apple Health compatibility. You can now import and export workouts data between the two, as well as import ECGs made with Apple Watch to Health Mate.

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