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Huami changes its name to Zepp globally, but keeps Huami brand in China

Huami has announced it will now be called Zepp Health Corp internationally. Nothing has changed for its home market of China where it will still be known under the old brand.

To remind, Huami acquired the core assets of Zepp in mid-2018 in a bid to expand its presence in the premium sports products market. Zepp is a California-based outfit that has been around since 2011. It is best known for technology like 3D visuals and interactive training tools. Their sensor packed sports gear covered tennis, golf, softball and baseball. Zepp is also known from its strong endorsement from professional athletes.

Huami has retained the Amazfit lineup of products since the acquisition, but has started churning out products under the Zepp moniker last year. This includes the Zepp E and Zepp Z smartwatches.

What’s behind the name change?

Yesterday’s decision was, perhaps, to be expected. The company renamed its smartphone fitness app from Amazfit to Zepp in August 2020. Only the name of the app has changed – both Amazfit and Zepp watches continue to work with the same software.

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Now the name of company is going through a similar rebranding exercise. The ticker symbol of its American depositary shares listed on the NYSE has been revamped. Huami says it will launch an updated corporate website and new visual identity later this year.

Huami changes name to Zepp globally, but keeps Huami brand in China

The reasoning behind this decision is that Zepp is a name that is “easier to remember, transcending languages, cultures and borders.” What’s more it is better known name in the US and Europe. This might also be part of a bid to expand Huami’s presence in the lucrative institutional health market.

“Our mission has been to connect health with technology. I believe the industrial health technology space represents a tremendous opportunity for us to apply our expertise in precision sensors, biometrics, AI chips and engineering capabilities focused on miniaturization and health data analytics,” said said Zepp Health Chairman & CEO Wang Huang.

“The evolution and repositioning of the company to Zepp Health more clearly articulates our mission to investors, partners and customers, as we are now well positioned to solve the biggest challenges facing the health technology industry.”

Interestingly, the company will still be known as Huami in China. This is due to the strong brand recognition in its home market.

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