Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM | Image source: Huami

Amazfit GTR 2 gets an eSIM variant so you can leave your phone behind

The Amazfit GTR 2 has received an eSIM version in China allowing for unteathered connectivity. Global availability is yet to be announced.

We’ve first heard of the rumor the iteration will be launched at CES 2021 at the start of the year. Talk was there would be a GTR 2 eSIM and a separate GTR 2 LTE.

Other devices mentioned at the time included the T-Rex Pro which has since launched, along with the Amazfit Health Watch Pro. The last on this list is supposed to be an updated version of the Amazfit Health Watch. The original was only launched in China so its possible the upgraded version might also be reserved for the local market.

Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM

GTR 2 eSIM is now available to pre-order in China. For ¥1999 (just over $305) you can snag one of these in Obsidian Black. Presumably other colors will be made available in the future. The timepiece offers 4G connectivity with the three biggest Chinese phone companies which include China Telecom, China Unicom and China Mobile.

There’s no word yet of the GTR 2 LTE variant. This also uses a SIM to connect to your phone’s mobile network. The difference between LTE and eSIM is that the first is a traditional SIM, i.e. a physical card. It can be installed or removed from a device.

An eSIM (short for “embedded SIM”), is different in that it comes as part of the device’s motherboard or its processor. Therefore, it cannot be removed from the device.

eSim is programmable and downloads your carrier’s plan indirectly. So if you switch providers, the changeover is done online. This type of connectivity is becoming increasingly common. It is said that eSIMs are going to be the next big thing in SIM cards.

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We reviewed Amazfit GTR 2 earlier this year and found it to be a nice upgrade over the original. It’s a pretty good fitness watch that doesn’t break the bank. The thing comes with an attractive, very thin and lightweight design, an AMOLED display and built in storage for music. The GPS aworks better than before although heart rate monitor accuracy tends to suffer during intensive exercise.

More rumors Huami will release a cellular version of Amazfit GTR 2
Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM | Image source: Huami

The regular variant of GTR 2 allows you to answer phone calls with the watch speaker. You do need your smartphone to be around for the functionality to work.

Cellular connectivity is the next logical step for Amazfit watches and it comes with GTR 2 eSIM. The new watch allows users to make and take independent 4G telephone calls, send and receive text messages – no smartphone required thank you very much. Users have the option of using a new phone number or the same number as the one on their smartphone.

More rumors Huami will release a cellular version of Amazfit GTR 2
Amazfit GTR 2 eSIM | Image source: Huami

The device is also equipped with NetEase Cloud Music. GTR 2 eSim owners can tap into NetEase Cloud Music account directly on the watch. This allows them to synchronize their personal song lists, and use wireless headphones or the watch speaker to listen to tunes.

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The rest of the specs are unchanged from the original. Because of cellular connectivity the watch is only good for 2 days in heavy usage mode. This doubles with normal use and extends to two weeks in power saving mode.

We are yet to hear anything on a possible global release of GTR 2 eSIM. The same applies to the LTE variant.

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