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Upright GO S makes perfecting your posture more affordable

Upright GO S is a new device that is designed to make perfecting your posture more affordable than before.

The company is a pioneer in the area of connected posture measurement. Upright Pose were the creators of the first wearable posture device clinically validated to reduce back pain.

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Prior to today they had three generations in their Upright Go line. The latest in the range is the flagship Upright Go 2.

This is a small, comfortable and discreet device that attaches to your upper back with a reusable, hypoallergenic adhesive. The tracker is designed for on-the-go lifestyles monitoring your posture while you are sitting, standing, walking or driving.

Upright GO S makes perfecting your posture more affordable than before
Image source: DarioHealth

GO S – a new posture device from Upright

Now under the DarioHealth Corp umbrella, the company has come back with a new take on the product. The work from home situation since the start of the coronavirus pandemic has made it more challenging to stay healthy and fit. The company is here with a more affordable option to help people reset and focus on health.

Think of it as the Lite version of Upright GO 2. The two products look alike and work alike. When attached to your back a light vibration warns you when you are slouching or otherwise out of alignment. In that sense, the Upright Go range helps to create muscle memory to help improve posture and back health.

Upright GO S makes perfecting your posture more affordable than before
Image source: DarioHealth

As the budget edition, Upright GO S costs only $59.95 (check price and availability on Amazon). That is much less than the $99.95 price tag of its big brother. But the lower cost does mean some sacrifices had to be made.

Upright GO S comes with 1 movement sensor instead of two so offers standard but not advanced movement detection, battery life has been cut by a half to 2.5 days, there’s 7 days of offline training instead of 30 and you get 5 hypoallergenic adhesives in the box instead of 10. The case that holds the device is also less premium and comes with a soft shell instead of a hard one.

Here’s a nifty comparison table which shows the differences between Upright GO S and GO 2.

Upright GO S

Everything else is pretty much identical – so you get the same great functionality. The goal here is to get you back on our feet and make perfecting posture more affordable than before. In addition to Upright GO S, you can also pick up a Necklace accessory in a variety of colours.

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