Here’s a petition for Google to resurrect the Pebble watch

We know you all loved your Pebble. Google probably won’t be bringing it back but you can sign a petition for the search giant to resurrect the Pebble watch.

Pebble was a pioneer of the wearables market. Some consider their product the first real smartwatch. More than 68 thousand people supported the first Pebble. Unfortunately, the company is no more. It was eaten up by Fitbit, who in turn was eaten up by Google.

Here’s a petition to Google to resurrect the Pebble watch

The Pebble smartwatch community, however, lives on. And some of you are still keeping your watches going. That’s despite the fact that Pebble’s infrastructure and web-based features have been pulled, meaning Pebble watches can still work but with limited functionality.

There is an alternative – something called the Rebble OS which is meant to keep Pebble watches functioning indefinitely. Or at least until the hardware gives in. There’s even an app store that is now open for business.

The Rebble project began as a supplement to the official Pebble documentation. However it transitioned into something else after Fitbit pulled the plug on the platform.

We are still yet to see a real replacement to Pebble watches. Something that is nice looking, long-lasting, fully featured, cheap and lightweight. And more importantly open to others to develop own watch-apps, watch-faces and companion apps.

A few candidates have sprung up such as the Watchy Arduino e-paper smartwatch. But nothing really that represents an adequate replacement.

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Those hoping Google will resurrect the Pebble watch can voice their opinion. There’s a petition running on for Google to bring Pebble watches back. So far, more than 1,000 signatures have been gathered. You can add yours by clicking on this link. It’s highly doubtful Google will resurrect the watch, but you never know.

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3 thoughts on “Here’s a petition for Google to resurrect the Pebble watch

  • Honestly, Google isn’t going to do this… and if they’re the ones doing it, I don’t want it.

    • You might have a point there. 🙂 Not sure it would be the same under the Google umbrella.

  • The petition does not work. It appears to be locked, with no option to sign, and zero votes.

    I love my Pebble, still. Wish this petition was actually alive.


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