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Polar Vantage V2 firmware 3 is now available for download

Polar has released today into the wild firmware update 3.0.16 for its Vantage V2 sports watch. This comes with some always-on watch faces, new navigation tools and the ability to broadcast heart rate.

The software refresh was first announced a few weeks ago at the launch of Polar Grit X Pro. This is a sligtly beefed up version of last year’s device. It comes with a sturdier build, a compass, support for Galileo & QZSS satellite systems and a bunch of software-based enhancements.

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It is some of these software additions that are now making their way over to the Polar Vantage V2. The software can be downloaded and installed by using FlowSync on your PC or Mac. The other option is to do this via the Flow smartphone app on your mobile.

Changes to the software include the following:

  • Navigation features: With Route & Elevation profiles you’ll never get lost. It’s something who for those who enjoy hiking and out-of-the-way adventures. This will inform you of your position in real-time – where in the route you currently are. If you change your mind – no worries as you can change the route on-the-fly. The Track Back functionality insures you can navigate back the same way you came.
  • Always-on dashboard features consist of a couple of new watch-faces. These include a Location watch face which displays alitmeter, compass and GPS readings. The Sunrise & Sunset watch face is pretty self-explanatory.
  • Heart rate sensor mode: Now you can use the device on your wrist to broadcast your heart rate. Useful if you often use gym equipment or third party apps. You can now connect them via Bluetooth to access your heart rate measurements.
  • Other improvements: The above is not where the list of improvements ends. In addition to the usual bug fixes, the software refresh brings the ability to adjust the backlight brightness on your V2. Music controls can now be found on a dedicated Music watch face – ensuring easy and quick access.

It can be a risk to install firmware updates. But so far, it is looking good. The early reviews state that everything is working as it should with firmware 3.0.16.

The software refresh comes on top of some new versions of Vantage V2 that were unveiled at the start of this month. These come with the exact same hardware – the only difference are design enhancements. The Shift Edition of Vantage V2 can be picked up in a choice between Black and Silver. For those after something flashier, there’s the new Red edition. That one is bundled together with a H10 heart rate strap.

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