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Software update brings Polar Grit X Pro features to Grit X

Polar has released a software update, today, which slaps on a bunch of Grit X Pro features to Grit X. This includes music control, running performance tests and more. 

The Polar Grit X was released back in April 2020 as a rugged multi-sport watch. It is the company’s answer to the likes of the Garmin Fenix range. The device was followed up by a Pro variant in October, last year.

The differences between the two watches are not great. In terms of hardware, the Pro version comes with Sapphire glass for extra durability and it has a compass. Other upgrades are mostly to do with software, namely new dashboards, new navigation features, heart rate broadcasting, music controls and Recovery Pro.

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At the time, Polar said some of these features will soon be coming to Grit X. The company has stayed true to its word and has released into the wild, today, the refresh.

Polar Grit X firmware 2.0

For starters, the Grit X firmware 2.0 update includes the ability for users to control music on their smartphones directly from the watch. In and out of training, you’ll be able to navigate around your playlist and adjust volume.

Next up we have the Running Performance test. This allows users to learn where they are at in terms of their running abilities. The benefit is that you get an estimate of your maximum heart rate, and that you can personalise heart rate, speed and power zones to closer match your real-world performance.

The update also includes the following:

  • The option to change your route on -the-fly during sessions
  • The ability to use your watch as a heart rate sensor (HR Sensor Mode). For example, this enables you to view data via Bluetooth on gym equipment.
  • Create training targets based on power with the Polar Flow App.
  • You’ll also get a weekly summary which shows you an overview of your training week.

How to install the update

The software refresh was supposed to land before the end of 2021. But better late than never. The update is making its rounds now so may take a while to reach everyone.

You can install it via a tablet or smartphone. Open the Polar Flow mobile app and let it sync to your watch. If the update is available the app will let you know. Installations can take up to 20 minutes so it’s a good idea to attach the watch to the charger.

You can also use FlowSync on a computer to install the software. Attach your watch to its USB port via the charging cable and FlowSync will begin to sync. When it finishes it will then prompt you whether you wish to install the new software. Choose “Yes” and follow the instructions. Let the update installation complete before unplugging your watch.

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