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Amazfit GTR 3 Pro automatic blood pressure monitoring is now live – but not for everyone

The Amazfit GTR 3 Pro automatic blood pressure feature that was hinted on last year has been enabled now in China. It works overnight and captures your measurements while you sleep.

The watch was released in October 2021 as the high-end version of the GTR 3 range. It has a larger and more high-res display than the standard variant, a temperature sensor, local music storage and a speaker. Other than that it inherits all the generation three improvements such as the new operating system, rotating crown, BioTracker 3.0 engine, improved sattelite connectivity, all day blood oxygen readings (not just on-demand), respiratory information, more sports modes, under-water heart rate and more.

We reviewed the standard version of GTR 3 late last year and found that there really is lots to like about it. The improvements over the previous generation are clear. It does lack some of the features of the Pro version but nevertheless, the watch is a solid piece of equipment that offers lots for the money.

Automatic blood pressure measurements

Now there a bit more to distinguish the GTR 3 Pro from other Amazfit-branded watches. The timepiece is getting the ability to automatically capture blood pressure measurements during the night. A blood pressure reading requires you to be at rest. So it makes sense for this type of functionality to only work while you sleep.

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GTR 3 Pro captures these types of measurements courtesy of Zepp Health’s PumpBeats engine. In plain English, this is an algorithm capable of figuring out your blood pressure by using the watch’s optical sensors on the wrist. These are the same ones that are used to capture your heart rate.

Amazfit Blood Pressure

Third party testing of the functionality was conducted last year by the First Hospital of Peking University. Results confirmed accuracy within 5.14mmHg for Systolic and less than 4.88mmHg for Diastolic pressure. Which is pretty good for technology that is just emerging.


Amazfit GTR 3 Pro
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Zepp Health had previously released the blood pressure functionality for GTR 3 Pro, but only for on-demand readings. Automatic measurements are many times more useful as they do this job without you having to lift a finger. Blood pressure is one of the most important vitals metrics you can follow. Elevated readings may signal that medication or life style changes are necessary.

It is not clear yet whether automatic blood pressure for GTR 3 Pro will be available in all countries or just selected markets. For the moment they can only be accessed in China.

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