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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets sweat monitoring, real-time VO2 max & more

A Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 update will land in a few days time that will add sweat loss monitoring, in addition to real-time Vo2 Max, recovery heart rate and more.

This is according to SamMobile which shared the images below providing details on the software refresh. It is apparently due to land on February 10th. As all updates, it will probably take a few days to reach everyone.

Performance metrics upgrades

This looks to be a hefty update. For starters Vo2 Max (which shows your oxygen intake levels after exercise) will be upgraded to show a reading in real-time, as you are running and even walking. We’ve not seen this type of functionality on any other watch so it’s an exciting update. It means you’ll have a better idea during exercise on how ready you are to keep pushing hard.

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Furthermore, after a run the Galaxy Watch 4 will now use moisture loss detection tech to give you suggestions on how much liquid to take in. Once again, this is something not currently available on any other watch.

To measure your sweat loss, choose Run as your workout type, run at least 5 km/h for at least 2.5 km. Also make sure your heart rate is measured for at least 80% of your workout time. So for now – it’s just for running.

Your sweat loss estimate is based on your body size, age, gender, and the intensity of your workout, including heart rate, ambient temperature, and other conditions.

Another performance metrics upgrade is to do with recovery heart rate. Following cardio-intensive exercise, the Galaxy Watch 4 will monitor your recovery heart rate. It will do this for two minutes immediately after you end your workout. This can be a useful indicator on the intensity of the exercise, as well as your body’s ability to recover quickly.

The update also brings an updated interval training feature. This will allow runners and cyclists to set and track custom intensity training sessions.

Improved body composition insights

Beyond fitness metrics, there will be some health updates. This includes improved body composition insights and targets. The Samsung Health app will do its thing with daily tips and reminders to help you stay on track with your body composition goals. This includes weight, body fat percentage and skeletal muscle mass.

Another health upgrade is to do with sleep. Samsung is adding a sleep coaching program that gives you personalized tips on how to get better night’s rest. The insights will factor in your daily routines and there will be a new feature that has the ability to automatically switch off connected SmartThings devices. This includes smart TVs, smart lights and more.

Finally, Samsung is bringing a bunch of new watch faces. You can further customize your watch with a new line of straps including a sport, fabric and link bracelet range. All of these will be available in multiple colour options.

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2 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets sweat monitoring, real-time VO2 max & more

  • Only for running? Great features and surely something that can be included on cycling workouts…hopefully that can be included in an update.

  • Most other watches come with real time vo2 max readings on all/any exercises, not just running. Samsung will always be 2nd class to apple in the health department. I won’t ever waste my money on their wearables as they’re behind in technology & they don’t mind


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